Finn's Plant Propagator

  • Finn's Plant Propagator

‘Finn’s Plant Propagator’ is a test tube plant propagation station designed to look decorative and add to any space. Unique and distinctive in the fact that it sits on your table rather than hanging. This product is designed to be the centre piece and talking point on any table and with their neutral colour scheme will fit into any home. The inspiration for the design came from the news story of wildflowers growing on the causeway during covid due to the lack of footfall.

Comes with 4 glass test tubes and 7 modular columns of varying height and width. Arrange your Finn's Plant Propagator in the way you like best, be it all together or separate pods. The test tubes can fit perlite or water in them for your propagations.

Made from a Plaster cement mix, this propagation station is designed to look like the Giant’s Causeway.